Apache SIM HD swoops into action on iPad

Helicopter gunship spreads its rotors

Apache SIM HD swoops into action on iPad
| Apache SIM HD

Given I've never flown in an AH-64 Apache gunship, I can't comment on the veracity of the claim from Real Mobile Simulation that its sim is 'most realistic combat simulator for iOS'.

It looks pretty lifelike though, featuring as it does all the proper cockpit instruments, infrared targeting system, plus the low light visuals as part of the day/night operations.

Transition to hover

In terms of what you can get up to in the sim, there's a free flight mode, plus typical support and attack combat missions using the M230 chain gun and rockets, and a bonus air show mode.

Some missions will require you to perform in-flight refuelling, as well as following navigation waypoints, while basic rotor control is managed using a touchscreen slider.

Previously available for iPhone and iPod touch, Apache SIM is now available for iPad at the same price, $2.99, €2.39 or £1.99.

You can see how it plays in the following video.

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