Angry Birds Week: Your essential guide to everything Angry Birds

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Angry Birds Week: Your essential guide to everything Angry Birds
| Angry Birds Space

With the release of Angry Birds Space just a few days away, now would be a good time to catch up on the phenomenon that is Angry Birds.

First released back in the waning months of 2009 under Chillingo's Clickgamer label, Angry Birds was initially met with warmth from critics such as Pocket Gamer for being a slick and well-made little physics-puzzler.

A few months later, the game exploded. Now you can't walk into a shop without seeing one of those Angry Birds plushies, get through a week without Peter "Mighty Eagle" Vesterbacka saying something ludicrously boastful, or open up the App Store without seeing another half-hearted attempt at dethroning the king.

If you're new to the series, or you're just a fan looking for a way to pass the time until Angry Birds Space comes out (midnight tomorrow, fact fans), we've got you covered.

Angry Birds Space news and info

If you haven't yet seen anything on the upcoming title, or just want to take another look at the types of space-based birds you can expect to be flinging come Thursday, take a walk through our vast selection of pre-release material.

Official trailer for Angry Birds Space
Meet the cast of Angry Birds Space

First Angry Birds Space teaser image
First details of what to expect from Angry Birds Space
First Angry Birds Space teaser trailer featuring a space catapult
Galaxy Note trailer for Angry Birds Space
First Angry Birds Space gameplay trailer
Angry Birds Space announcement video from the International Space Station
Details on Angry Birds Space Galaxy Note-exclusive level
Rovio confirms 3DS version of Angry Birds Space
Kovalainen wears special Angry Birds Space helmet at the Australian Grand Prix Angry_Birds_01 Angry Birds walkthroughs, guides, and hints

Still not grabbed all the Golden Eggs or three-starred the previous three games? Then you'll be needing our exhaustive guides to the Angry Birds series.

Check back after Angry Birds Space is released for our definitive guide to that title, too.

Complete guide to Angry Birds

Basic tips and tricks
Three-star video walkthroughs
Golden Eggs part one
Golden Eggs part two Complete guide to Angry Birds Seasons

Trick or Treat
Season's Greedings
Hogs and Kisses
Go Green Get Lucky
Easter Eggs
Summer Pignic
Mooncake Festival
Year of the Dragon
Cherry Blossom
Wreck the Halls (Well, you have to have some surprises!)

Complete guide to Angry Birds Rio

Three-star video guides:
Smuggler's Den
Jungle Escape
Beach Volley
Carnival Upheaval
Airfield Chase
Smuggler's Plane

Golden fruit guides:
Smuggler's Den
Jungle Escape
Beach Volley
Carnival Upheaval
Airfield Chase
Smuggler's Plane

[Guides to the latest updates for Rio and Angry Birds released this week will be up shortly]

Complete guide to Angry Birds on Facebook Surf and Turf angry-birds-space-ios-android

Features, opinons, and historical documents on Angry Birds

Angry Birds has been a bit of a goldmine in terms of great features. Ranging from exploring the franchise's history right through to how a level is made, these articles should keep you entertained as you refresh the App Store/Google Play.

Complete history of Angry Birds
What Rovio plans for Angry Birds (a bit out-of-date now)
How an Angry Birds level is made
Interview with Rovio (13th October 2010) Angry-Birds-Rio-iPhone-1 Reviews

From the very first game (that we reviewed back in 2009), right up to the Windows Phone and PlayBook releases of Angry Birds, we've been dealing with those furious avians for almost three years now.

Here's the complete selection of reviews. See if you can detect the growing exasperation as we realise that the differences between versions are actually so minor as to be almost insignificant.

Angry Birds iPhone review
Angry Birds HD review
Angry Birds Android review
Angry Birds Symbian review
Angry Birds Playbook review
Angry Birds Windows Phone review Angry Birds Halloween [original name prior to Seasons] iPhone review

Angry Birds Rio iPhone review
Angry Birds Rio Android review

angry-birds-easter-ipad-4 What's next for Angry Birds?

Naturally, the rumour mill isn't going to just stop turning now that Angry Birds Space is arriving. There's plenty more in store for fans to look forward to if these rumours and reports are to be believed.

Rovio reveals more titles for 2012 to Pocket Gamer
Rovio planning to expand out series similar to Mario Angry Birds KISS on its way
Kayne West talking to Rovio
Nvidia talking with Rovio
Angry Birds play parks set for construction around the world angry-birds-seasons-blossom-icon-big And finally, a few titbits... The very first news article about Angry Birds
Angry Birds boardgame review
Teacher uses Angry Birds to teach physics Grab yourself some Angry Birds games & gifts at our Amazon store.