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A complete list of Among Us unblocked games and how to play them

A complete list of Among Us unblocked games and how to play them
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Among Us has brought a bit more fun to this world by changing the concept of the Mafia game. It is no wonder that funny little people dressed as astronauts has seen millions of people enjoy this game on different devices, completing tasks while trying to find the imposter. And so more and more people are wondering, is there any way to play Among Us unblocked? In this guide, we will answer that question alongside providing you with a list of Among Us unblocked games.


Among Us unblocked is an updated version of the game, where the player has many more options compared to the normal game client. The reason why there are so many requests for this version of the game is simple: it does not need a client download, you can play directly in the browser of your computer.

It is quite a handy thing. When you are at school or work and want to have some fun, Among Us unblocked is a good choice.

Since you will not be able to find Among Us unblocked in the usual way like on Google Play or the App Store, you will need to use sites that provide this game.

However, you should obviously be wary of using unknown web pages that look like game sites. More often than not, such sites can bring harm to your device. Be careful and check the sites several times or your device will be infected with viruses later.


As we said above, to play the game securely on a website, you should approach the matter responsibly, otherwise, your computer or phone data could end up in the wrong hands. Alternatively, your device could end up with a nasty virus and we don't want that.

To play Among Us unblocked online, you should type the following queries into Google:

  • Among Us Online Unblocked Game
  • Best Among Us Unblocked Games
  • Play Kevin Games Among Us unblocked for free
  • Play WTF Unblocked Game Among Us
  • Scratch Mit Among Us Unblocked Game
  • Unblocked Game Friv WTF Among Us play
  • Unblocked Google Sites Among Us
  • Yup7’s Best Among Us Unblocked Games

These queries should lead you to sites with a game that you can play safely.


As you might have guessed, to play this game, you need to go to the websites listed above and you can start playing straight away.

A short reminder! We strongly recommend that you still should use the official game clients, because there are definitely no viruses there. On the other hand, you can play Among Us Online Unblocked without downloading the client itself. In any case, make sure you check which sites you are visiting.

We hope that you have found Among Us unblocked games guide useful and that you will stay responsible and stick to the official way to play the game wherever possible.