Among Us Unblocked - Why is it so popular?

Among Us Unblocked - Why is it so popular?
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We've seen a bunch of questions regarding the Among Us unblocked all around the web, and we decided to make an informative article so you don't harm your phone or PC.

Among Us, the 2018 social deduction title skyrocketed in popularity last year. It is still evolving and players are constantly looking out for new mods. It has come to notice that people are persistently searching for information regarding an Unblocked mode and today we will be discussing exactly that.

Before we start discussing this trending mode, first, let us take look at the game itself. Among Us is developed by the American game studio Innersloth back in June 2018. Initially, the game came only for Android and iOS, and later a Windows version came out in November of the same year and supported a cross-play feature.

After almost two years of its release, the game gained popularity all of a sudden, and, naturally, the downloads shot up as well. The game won many prestigious awards and the devs plan to release the sequel got shelved and further improvements of the original version were announced instead.

What is Among Us unblocked?

Among Us Unblocked is just a modification of the original game which is usually used by players to unlock the premium content and add unlimited features to the game. Apart from these particular modifications, there are tons of modded versions of the game you can find on websites and third-party app markets.

Where to download Among Us unblocked?

Before heading to download this mod, as I'm sure you are pretty excited to try out the premium and exclusive content for free, remember that the mod versions are never released by the official developers. So, it is impossible to grab the game from any trusted source, meaning you won't find it on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

Such mod versions are available on websites that usually deal with mod versions of numerous games. The game is usually obtained in the form of an archive or an APK file which you will have to install on your own.

We do not advise downloading any of the current Among Us unblocked files until the developers release the official version!

How to play Among Us unblocked?

The process to play is exactly the same like we do for any other game. But the issue surrounds whether or not the downloaded mod file is legit or not. In addition, it is not advisable to install the modded version onto your phone as they could be intentionally filled with malware which could lead to some serious issues with your device.

Is Among Us unblocked worth trying?

It is not at all worth trying the game as the modifications ruin the actual charm. For a very short period, you might love the new content and the modded features such as super-fast movement speed, low kill CD, invisibility and so forth. But, such mods will not excite you each and every time you play and the competitiveness of the game suffers because of these changes as well. 

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