How to win Among Us as a crewmate

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How to win Among Us as a crewmate

Innocent crewmates are being killed left, right, and centre, and this is how you can stop the imposter...

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Let's be perfectly honest - a hard day's work is unrewarding, and that's the reality of being a crewmate in Among Us is that it is difficult.

Your job is to repair the ship and keep an eye out, for while you're going about your daily tasks, there will be an imposter aboard, and they will kill you given half the chance.

But you're just a crewmate, so the question is how to keep an eye on the others, while also trusting them? It's not easy but in this guide we're going to walk you through it…

While you can't fight back against the one killing your friends, you can vote them out. That suddenly sounds like a political motto for centrism.

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The essential tasks

There are plenty of tasks to complete around the ship, but don't go off by yourself. If you run to a lonely part of the ship by yourself, the killer will have no witnesses when they take you down.

But also, the tasks need done, and you'll have to be quick about it. What you need to watch for are the crewmates who aren't doing anything - if you see them standing at a task but nothing improves, they could be sabotaging it, marking them as the imposter.

Regardless, you need to be aware of your surroundings and suspicious of the rest of the crew, while still being able to complete the tasks, and not putting yourself at risk…

Suspicious beans

If you're not interested in tasks, you could perhaps watch the CCTV cameras on the ship, keeping an eye on everyone at once, hoping to uncover the true scoundrel and kicking them out of the group.

In smaller groups it's simple to narrow down your suspicions and accuse someone, but when there's a larger group it'll be difficult for a killer to move and kill unseen.

In larger groups you should essentially expect things to happen more slowly, as the imposter will likely be more cautious about what happens.

A body has been discovered

You might eventually come across a body - better someone else than you. Think about who you saw come this way. Think about who was nearby when this happened. Can you think of anyone that has been acting suspiciously?

All of this information is vital, as once a body is discovered, it's discussion time, where you start pointing fingers around the room and accusing people. You'll be able to use the chat function in the game to debate the situation.

In this situation watch for players that you think might be lying, see what they say when you question them - and if they're silent? Well I don't trust them.

Choose one to sacrifice

At the end of the vote you must choose someone to be rid of - if it's the imposter, you've done well. Otherwise…

Well, if you decide to get rid of your crewmates and they're innocent, that's a bad look. Plus, you'll be a man down when trying to find the actual imposter, making it even more likely that you are next.

Ultimately, the whole way through, you victory will hinge on your awareness, and your discussions with your fellow players. Good luck…

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