Among Us teases crossover with legendary Halo franchise

Among Us teases crossover with legendary Halo franchise
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The massive hit social deduction game Among Us is teaming up with another huge name in the gaming sphere. Teased in a tweet, Among Us released a small glimpse at its Halo-themed skins and accessories, planned to release fairly soon.

It may not be the most shocking thing to imagine. With how huge Among Us has become, it’s only natural it would branch out to the other massive IPs for some crossover action. And after releasing Infinite only a few months back alongside a newly airing original TV series, Halo has quite a few eyes on it, so this choice seems like a pretty logical one.

The image itself features an Among Us character adorned in Master Chief’s armour, wielding what looks to be a weapon that is also from the series as well. And in case a screenshot posted in a teaser Tweet isn’t enough proof for you, both the official Halo Twitter account replied as well as the official Xbox Twitter account. So, it’s pretty much set in stone that those of us still playing the space murder sim can expect to see lots of Master Chiefs stabbing us in the back fairly soon.

This crossover could be the perfect way to bring in a new audience, with Halo seeing a resurgence in popularity recently. Any fans of that series will be eager to get their hands on basically any related content, and I suppose in a funny way an Among Us collaboration counts. Currently, it’s not totally clear if this crossover will bring in any other content aside from the cosmetics, nor exactly when it’s launching, so we’ll all just have to wait and see.

Of course, if you missed the boat on Among Us when it was the hot topic last year, you can always get involved for free on either the App Store or Google Play. And for you Halo fans, if you haven’t played the now legendary title, you’ve got a perfect excuse to do so coming up likely pretty soon!

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