Amazing Katamari Damacy tips and tricks - Beginner tips for rolling big balls

That's tip for Amazing Katamari Damacy, although the tips are amazing too

Amazing Katamari Damacy tips and tricks - Beginner tips for rolling big balls

Creating the cosmos is hard, and that’s why the King of All Cosmos in Amazing Katamari Damacy needs your help!

With your ability to stick things together until they’re the consistency of a planet, the King is going to make some new celestial bodies, and we’re here to give you the Amazing Katamari Damacy tips you need.

Just follow our advice below, and you’ll be making your own Milky Way before you know it.

Small beginnings

Katamari Damacy has always been about size, so don’t worry about grabbing everything immediately. This is about starting small.

You’ll begin by picking up screws and other tiny objects, before moving up to dice, pool balls, and bigger objects.

Once an object starts shining, you can pick it up - though be wary, some items might be in very awkward positions next to larger objects that’ll do damage.

Stay in your lane

Well, Amazing Katamari Damacy actually doesn’t abide by a strict lane system, but you’ll still need to choose your position wisely before moving forwards.

When moving you’ll have to drag your ball to the left and right - this doesn’t cover a set amount of distance though, and you might need multiple swipes depending on the manoeuvre you need to make.

Keep an eye on where objects you can’t jump over come up, that’s the critical path you need to take.

Breaking down walls

Once you’re at an appropriate size, the small lanes can’t contain you, and it’s time to tear them down.

Well, it’s not necessary, but with help from one of your small friends you can get coins for it.

If the walls start shining, don’t hesitate to roll into them if you’re worried the path ahead is too narrow to navigate.

Black hole evasion

The black holes that absorb your hard earned items are the most threatening thing in the field, and you should avoid them at all costs.

The best method is simply swiping up to jump over them, though that won’t guarantee evasion - they can be tricky.

You can use gems or watch ads to keep playing after colliding with a black hole, but it’s questionable if that is worth it…

Star cousins

While rolling down the road, you may notice small alien cousins just like yourself. With their help, you will earn power ups. Thanks, King of All Cosmos!

You’ll get power ups such as more health, items will magnetise to you, and even coin collecting challenges to boost your score.

You can even upgrade the star children with coins from the main menu. We think the magnet and health abilities are the best ones…

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Dave Aubrey
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