Alchemy Stars’ Sands of Time event is now live on Android and iOS

Alchemy Stars’ Sands of Time event is now live on Android and iOS
| Alchemy Stars

From today, a new event begins on Alchemy Stars called the Sands of Time. This new affair invites all Navigators to join Bethlehem, Queen of the North as she unravels her stories across multiple stages. Players will also have a chance to earn event-exclusive rewards and recruitment opportunities with iconic Aurorians.

Sands of Time will be split into two phases – the Northland Journey and the Trial of the Aurora stages. A special minigame called Lake Mirror Codeword has been added and will see players solve tricky quizzes to unlock numerous rewards. Clearing certain stages during the event will award players with Mistletoe, which can be exchanged for the new 5-Star Aurorian Lola and her Solambers at Cedar Market. The two stages of the event will remain active until January 10th and the minigame until January 13th. After this, all unused Mistletoe will be converted to Nightium using a 1:15 ratio.

A sign-in event will also run throughout the event. Navigators who log in for eight consecutive days will win items like Mistletoe, Lumamber, Nightium, 5-Star Aurorian Robyn, and more. The store will also contain free gift packs and some discounted kits.

Additionally, two new limited-time Aurorians are also being introduced with this event. The first is Bethlehem, the 6-Star Queen of the North, obtainable only during the Sands of Time, and Novio, another 6-star hero with a love for rabbits, available during the Healing Flame recruitment event. A whole host of new outfits have also been released for all characters. Completing Main Story stages 1-16 also grants access to the Special Event Book Phase 4 which offers numerous rewards on completion.

Alchemy Stars has also made multiple gameplay improvements with this update. This includes the addition of a minimum guarantee when unlocking a 6-star Aurorian, adjustments to the Carrier, the permanent addition of the Simulation Room to the Colossus, and much more.

Participate in the Sands of Time event by downloading Alchemy Stars for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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