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Looking for Alchemy Stars friends? Leave a comment below!

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Looking for Alchemy Stars friends? Leave a comment below!
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As Alchemy Stars keeps growing in popularity, new players want to learn more about it and its features. In this article, we will talk about the Alchemy Stars friend system, the benefits of having friends, support Aurorians, how to set them and more.

Benefits of adding friends in Alchemy Stars

When you are about to add a friend in Alchemy Stars other than player name, level and ID, there's another very useful piece of information available to you. What's that? Their support units. In Alchemy Stars, every player can select one Aurorian of each element to be available as a support unit for their friends.

As team building is super important in this game, having the right Aurorians in your party can be the key to victory. But what if you don't have that one unit that you are missing? Some 6-Star units are hard to get after all. Well, if you have any Alchemy Stars friends with that unit, you can use it in your battles. That's what friends are for!

How to set up your support Aurorians

Similar to other games, such as the super-popular Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, adding friends in Alchemy Stars lets you use their support units. Not any of their units, only the units that they have made available. Similarly, you can select one unit of each attribute that your friends will be able to use as a support unit. If you want to know how to do that, just follow these steps.

  • From the game's main screen, tap on your profile icon which is located in the bottom left.
  • You can see a bunch of information regarding your profile, you can set a short message about yourself that other people can see, your main story progress and so on. At the bottom, you see your "Support Aurorians" section. Those are the Aurorians that are available as supports units for all of your friends. In order to change them, all you have to do is tap on the edit button to the right
  • You can set a support Aurorian for every one of the four attributes starting with water. Tap on the first box and select which Water Aurorian from your line should be available to your friends. The process is the same for the remaining three elements

How to add Alchemy Stars friends?

To add someone as your friend in Alchemy Stars, all you need to have is their player ID. Once you have it, you can then enter your friend's ID in the search box and send them a friend request. It's really that simple!

Alchemy Stars friends

Friends from different servers? Is that even possible?

Sadly such a feature isn't available, at least for the time being. Maybe that's something that a future update will add but for now, you need to make sure that the players you want to add are playing on the same server as you!

Looking for Alchemy Stars friends? Leave a comment below!

So now that you know why adding other players as your Alchemy Stars friends can be a great help, why don't you leave a comment down below with your ID and Server so other people can find you? Ideally, you can write what units you have available and what units you are looking for so you can help each other advance further into the game (and faster!).

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