Aether Gazer releases version 1.5: Father, Son, Duel with a brand new storyline

Aether Gazer releases version 1.5: Father, Son, Duel with a brand new storyline

Yostar has just released a thrilling new update for Aether Gazer, which brings loads of content to the anime-themed ARPG. Titled version 1.5, Father, Son, Duel, this patch features a brand new storyline, a bunch of limited-time events, new modifiers, ultimate skill chains, and loads of goodies to grab.

The Father, Son, Duel update is already live, with the main event remaining accessible until December 11th. It chronicles a rebellion that broke out unexpectedly in Rostach, which is the Forlorn City of the exiled. A special operative from the Egregious Crimes Department, Anubis, was sent to intervene. His investigation led to the uncovering of a hidden secret that you need to play to find out.

Several challenges such as Operation Rage Serpent, Forbidden Deadzone, Ailuros Card Game, and Surviving Adversity will be part of the questline. You will always be on your feet thanks to the availability of a variety of different gameplay modes. Each offers unique rewards such as the exclusive Pioneer attire for Rage Serpent – Marduk, Shifted Stars Wasteland Fine – Kingu Intels, and Ailuros – Bastet Intels among other goodies.

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Jackal – Anubis is one of the new S-grade modifiers joining the update. He is from the Nile Gen-zone and excels at summoning and melee. Another S-grade modifier of note is Rage Serpent – Marduk from the Asterism Gen-zone. He on the other hand is great at ranged combat with energy attack.

Marduk is accompanied by Wasteland Fiend – Kingu, who is from the same zone. He is a sustained melee damage dealer best for single-target damage. Finally, Ailuros – Bastet joins the team as an A-grade also from the Nile Gen-zone. He too is better suited for single-target damage.

To top it off, four new ultimate skill chains and functors have been added, each improving the combat abilities of the new characters significantly.

Check all this new content out by downloading Aether Gazer now for free.

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