Co-op zombie shooter 2013: Infected Wars will blast onto the App Store on Thursday

Friends with zombies

Co-op zombie shooter 2013: Infected Wars will blast onto the App Store on Thursday
| 2013: Infected Wars

Those ruddy zombies are at it again. You know, wandering around with bits of their skin falling off, causing all sorts of cannibalistic mischief.

Luckily, in Action Mobile Games's 2013: Infected Wars, you've got an arsenal of weapons to put an end to their shuffling reign of chaos.

And you've not got much longer to wait for this Unreal-powered third-person shooter, with Action Mobile Games announcing that the zombie-slaughtering game should be available on the App Store this Thursday.

The big 'twist' this time around is that you can play the game with a friend, teaming up to take down hordes of the undead with a variety of different guns.

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You're a mercenary scavenging for supplies in a world populated mainly by the corpses of people who want to eat your brains. Sort of like the centre of any major British city on a Saturday evening, then.

There's probably lots of military chatter to listen to, plenty of unmolested ammo boxes to find, and some big fat boss zombies you'll need to shoot more than a handful of times to take down here.

We'll let you know when the snappily titled 2013: Infected Wars goes live on the App Store. Oh, and how much it's going to cost.

We'll probably let you know if it's worth playing or not, too. That's just the sort of thing we do.

Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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