ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection boots up on iPhone

Only 6 games up so far

ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection boots up on iPhone

As promised last week, Elite Systems has brought its own ZX Spectrum emulator package to the iPhone, although the launch line-up isn’t quite as spectacular as was initially suggested by the veteran speccy publisher.

Still, the six games the app comes with include a stone-cold classic in Chuckie Egg; the slightly less-awesome-but-still-really-good Turbo Esprit and Saboteur; and the so-so Harrier Attack, Frank Bruno’s Boxing UK, and Buggy Boy.

Elite promises to have another ‘volume’ of six games ready within the month. It'll be available as a free update, and another six free titles will follow a month later.

ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection is available on the App Store now for 59p / 99c / €0.79 and can be purchased using the link below.