ZX Spectrum Collection heading to iPhone

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ZX Spectrum Collection heading to iPhone

With the existence of a Commodore 64 games collection on the App Store, it was only a matter of time before the ZX Spectrum found its voice on Apple’s distribution service.

Released by Elite Systems, the 25-year-old publisher of hundreds of classic games for the machine, ZX Spectrum Collection features officially licensed titles, game-specific control configurations, and, thrillingly, the ‘Spectrum sound’.

I’m hoping it won’t try and recreate the loading times, which occasionally reached 30 minutes.

For non-UK readers, the ZX Spectrum was a family of '80s home computers that were both cheap and easy to make games for.

The Spectrum, along with the Commodore 64, fought for UK gamers’ affections at the time and provided a hotbed for some incredibly creative and ambitions games. There’s still a shed load of recognisable UK houses like Rare and Codemasters that can trace their history back to the machine.

ZX Spectrum Collection has just passed the approval process and will be heading to App Store very soon, with the official release date expected later this week.

We've contacted Elite Systems to find out what games will be available and how much the app will cost.