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Zombie Football is a tricky runner about scoring touchdowns in the middle of a zombie apocalypse

Available now for iOS and Android

Zombie Football is a tricky runner about scoring touchdowns in the middle of a zombie apocalypse
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Zombie Football is a tricky runner that challenges you to tactically dodge and escape a variety of vicious undead. You play as an American football player, who, for reasons not immediately clear, is attempting to score touchdowns in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Each level is its own little puzzle, with powerups, speed ramps, and obstacles dotted around for you to take advantage of. The difficulty comes from making smart use of your limited stamina.

Get hit by a zombie or take too long traversing the course and your energy will drop. This results in your speed decreasing and likelihood of being eating going through the roof.

Things can get pretty intense in no time flat, so it's imperative that you're able to deal with incoming zombies smoothly and effectively. That said, you'll typically use your first few runs on each level to learn the environment and work out how exactly you're going to get through it. You can also slow down if you need a breather, but I wouldn't advise remaining idle for long.

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Zombie Football has a great sense of humour, with your jock protagonist still desperately attempting to carry his munched-on team to victory. What's more is that developer Pixel Perfect Studios aims to release new content to add to the value proposition and keep the game fresh. A sizable incoming update will add a survival mode and special skins, for starters.

I've played it for around an hour so far and am enjoying it a fair bit. While it can be undeniably tricky, I'm always compelled to go back for another run. There's a lot of fun to be had in learning courses and smartly outmanoeuvring your zombie foes. All told, it's a solid, simple first game from what could prove to be a great up-and-comer in Pixel Perfect Studios.

If you're in need of some tips or want to meet the game's community, you could always join its official Discord server. And you'll of course find Zombie Football available for download now as a premium title from both the App Store and Google Play.

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