It's love, zombies, action for iOS b-movie tie-in Zombie Cruise

In conjunction with the creators of Iron Sky

It's love, zombies, action for iOS b-movie tie-in Zombie Cruise
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Sci-fi comedy Iron Sky, which sees a Nazi invasion of earth from the moon, has generated plenty of headlines.

It's something the folks behind the film are hoping to reprise in their next film Zombie Cruise, which takes the concept of 'Shaun of the Dead meets Love Boat' as its starting point.

And, in order to build public attention before the 2013 release, it's going to be backed with a mobile game.

Setting sail

Currently in development at Finnish studio Tuonela, the plan is there will be three games (or episodes) before the film's out, each one building on the plot.

This revolves around a singles pleasure boat on the way from Bermuda to Miami, that somehow becomes infected.

Playing the character of the onboard DJ, you start off the game a bit of a lad, but gradually become more heroic as the action rolls. Of course, on a love boat, there's love interest too in the shapely form of the ship's nurse Kate Golden.

Rushing through my veins

Gameplay-wise, Zombie Cruise is shaping up to be an stealth-come-tactical actioneer. For example you can attract some zombies with music, while others will dash for the buffet when it's dinner time.

Still, over the episodes you'll gradually gain better weapons, with old favourites such as shotgun and axe featuring heavily.

And, there will be plenty of tongue-in-cheek themes too, with interactions encouraged with the onboard bimbos including ever-lovely Nikki Titbanger.

You can get full impression of the game from the high-end video introduction below, and contribute via Kickstarter.