YouTube Playables are out now

Games through YouTube? Yup, we're as surprised as you

YouTube Playables are out now
  • YouTube is the latest app to bring in playables
  • You can check out a library of over 75 games right now
  • Will the other shoe drop soon? And are we going to see it packed with ads?

It seems like nowadays every app is trying to be everything. Whether that's our favourite exploding car inventor Elon Musk wanting Twitter- sorry 'X' to be an "everything app" (whatever that means) or TikTok introducing games last year. Adding new features, even ones that users don't want, is basically part and parcel of the big tech experience.

Enter YouTube, and aside from things like shorts, they've now decided that what everybody needs with their viewing experience is, naturally, games. With over 75 of them now playable on desktop, iOS and Android, if you haven't spotted them already you can find YouTube's new games section in the Explore menu.

So what? A screenshot of the desktop version of YouTube Playables

Now, some of you may be excited, some of you may be lukewarm, and some of you may be actively annoyed. After all, YouTube is the original video app, it's where you go to listen to music, watch video essays and more, so why exactly would you want to slap games on top of that?

Well, your guess is as good as ours, but it's undeniable that it has a pretty decent selection to start off with. But at the same time, like with everything we're careful about when the other shoe will drop. When they start getting charged for, or when YouTube Playables will become packed with ads.

Well, either way, check 'em out now and see what you think!

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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