Wars of Wanon is a neat new indie game from a one-man development team, coming soon

Will be out only on the iOS App Store to begin with

Wars of Wanon is a neat new indie game from a one-man development team, coming soon
  • WoW: Wars of Wanon is a new, solo-developed indie title coming to iOS
  • A space shooter where you blast your way through hordes of enemies, it's coming for free
  • Unlock new ships, upgrades and more, complete challenges and shoot up the leaderboard

Want a new space shooter but don't know where to look? Well, why not give a chance to a new developer by checking out the upcoming WoW: Wars of Wanon, coming August 31st to the iOS App Store!

Wars of Wanon comes from one-man developer Mustafa Mohammed (you can check out his Medium for more info) and fits neatly in the space-shooter genre. Wars of Wanon is set to make its debut on mobile on the iOS App Store for the low, low price of free on August 31st.

Screenshot from Wars of Wanon

In terms of features, although basic, Wars of Wanon looks to offer all that you would expect from a space shooter in the Galaga-esque genre. Check your high scores, unlock new ships and complete challenges to earn rewards. Simple as simple can be, but judging by the screenshots and work-in-progress videos, it's shaping up to be a pretty decent game.

What's not to like?

Again, we can't very much vouch for the quality of a debut game like this. But we do think it's important to give new developers a chance, and we have to admit that it's hard to refuse a game that's coming out for free. So give it a shot if you spot it on the iOS App Store in a couple of months time!

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