Game based on World War Robot universe coming to App Store

Ensemble Studio spin-off in charge of development

Game based on World War Robot universe coming to App Store
| World War Robot

Continuing in the vein that the App Store is the commercial salvation for creative people, Texas startup developer Newtoy has announced it's going to be bringing a game based on artist Ashley Wood's World War Robot graphic novel universe to the App Store.

So far, so who, you may be thinking.

But while past glories don't guarantee future success, both parts of the deal have plenty of prior experience.

Newtoy was set up by brothers Paul and David Bettner, who both worked at Microsoft's Ensemble Studios (Age of Empires and Halo Wars), before it was shut down in early 2009.

Amongst many other things, Ashley Wood created the Metal Gear Solid comics for Konami, including the PSP-download-only Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel.

As for World War Robot, it's a typically post-apocalyptic world in which there's a brutal civil war between humans living on Earth and Mars. Of course, this brutal civil war is fought with giant robots, although we're also promised "intense human/robot drama, a little black humor and some political intrigue thrown into the mix.".

No other details of the game have been announced apart from its exclusively to iPhone and iPod touch, but given the background of the Bettners, it wouldn't be much of stretch to suggest it could be some kind of strategy experience.