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World War Armies, the competitive PvP RTS, launches globally today

World War Armies, the competitive PvP RTS, launches globally today
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Indie developer Hypemasters has launched its latest project as of today; a mobile real-time-strategy World War II-themed game called World War Armies. A free-to-play PvP-focused experience, World War Armies aims to emulate the same feelings as premium RTS titles like Company of Heroes or Steel Division.

If you aren’t hip on what exactly a real-time strategy game might involve, let’s get you up to speed. RTS games are primarily played from a top-down perspective, and usually, have you collecting resources, be it by capturing checkpoints or mining them yourself, and using those resources to build structures and units. From there, you’ll order those units to do battle and navigate various maps in an attempt to beat your opponent, typically by destroying their headquarters building. Usually, these games require a lot of focus and rapid hand movement as you have to be fully aware of what is occurring on the map at all times.

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That might sound like a difficult experience to try to perform on handheld devices, but World War Armies rocks a pretty decently streamlined control scheme that should let you tap those actions that you’d usually be pressing keys for on a PC. Combine this with all of the content on offer at launch, and this one is looking to be a pretty premium release.

As for what that content exactly is, World War Armies will have 3 factions on launch; the United States, Germany, and the USSR. It will also launch with two game modes, for now, including a training mode to do battle against AI and a Skirmish mode, where you’ll face off against real players. There will also be a battle pass on offer from the get-go to earn extra rewards like cosmetics and XP boosts.

If all of this strategizing and competitive PvP sound perfect for you, you can try out World War Armies for free by downloading it on either the App Store or Google Play.

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