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World of Tanks Blitz Holiday Ops 2024: What is it and how does it work

World of Tanks Blitz Holiday Ops 2024: What is it and how does it work

If the plunging temperature and ice-covered foliage are anything to go by, it is certainly the holiday season, but World of Tanks Blitz is ready to warm you up with some reward-packed Holiday Ops, helmed by former footballer and Hollywood actor Vinnie Jones. Get ready to stuff your stocking with Ten Stages of festive goodness.

Peek into Santa’s Sack

Starting off nice at Stage One is a temporary festive reactions pack, which is valid for two weeks. You can share some Vinnie Jones-themed faces, Boxing Gloves, or, most importantly, a festive rubber duck. Blast your way to Stage Three and you’ll be swimming in 100,000 Credits, which is a nice windfall. Beyond that, the rest of the rewards get a little more interesting.

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Stages Two, Four and Six will reward you with some collectible items; an Ammo Garland, Routemaster, and a Vinnie Jones Sculpture. You can keep these to admire, or exchange the first two for a nice amount of XP, with the Sculpture selling for 400 Gold, which is probably the one worth considering. Nestled neatly between these is a festive Jones Avatar at Stage Five to show off your super-fandom, which you can complement at Stage Nine with a rather fetching special profile background.

The last three stages are where things get artistic. Stage Seven has a Pain Threshold warpaint, decking your tank out with a pretty nice array of shells and helmets, whereas Stage Eight’s Heavyweight warpaint is full of dog tags and chains and a rather pretty light blue base. Get up to Stage Ten, and you will get the full Vinnie Jones; a Final Argument attachment made up of a knuckle duster, razor, and a bat to show your opponents who is boss.

You must earn your presents

By now you may be thinking, ‘How do I get all these fantastic prizes?’ The answer is the same as so many other World of Tanks questions; wanton destruction. Take part in either regular or rating battles, or some of the temporary modes in Tier IV to X vehicles, and you will earn Boxing Gloves for the first five victories each day. Then, use these to complete event stages and start earning rewards. Act fast though, if the event expires then any leftover Gloves you have are gone for good.

There are three important things to note. You need to log in before December 20th to take part, and this will start a ten-day timer to complete the missions, so don’t dally. Secondly, should you miss a day, this five-victory quota will keep rolling over. Only win twice on Monday, you can win seven on Tuesday. Finally, and a rather ingenious way to prevent people from farming AFK, you need to earn a certain amount of XP without a Premium Account, boosters, and any other multipliers to get Gloves. A Tier IV vehicle must earn 200 XP, increasing in increments of 50 till Tier X where you need 500 XP.

A worthwhile wager

If you need more firepower to get those victories, look no further than the Cobra Draw. You must enter before December 10th, so there's still time. If you are lucky, you could nab yourself some early Christmas presents such as Garage gear, containers, a legendary skin for the Cobra, and, of course, the big bruiser itself. It’s quick, durable, and can deal a 400 HP single-shot attack, enough to quickly dispatch anyone foolish enough to stand before you. Those Gloves will be racking up before you know it.

Make sure you download World of Tanks Blitz now from the App Store and Google Play now to grab yourself those festive items, and perhaps land a new big metal best friend.

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