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World of Tanks Blitz best tanks in each category

World of Tanks Blitz best tanks in each category

Although the meta of the game can change after any major update, these are the current meta tanks in WoT Blitz in every category.

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Even though it might be difficult to accept for many World of Tanks fans, it's been said that the games in the series are becoming more and more pay-to-win every year. World of Tanks Blitz is no exception. World of Tanks Blitz’s best tanks change every year, which is why people often spend a lot of money on the game if they want to use meta tanks.

By reading this guide, you will discover the best tanks in World of Tanks Blitz in each category. And to make this guide suitable for everyone, it will include only those tanks which you can get without paying a dime. If you lack resources to get them as well, use some of these World of Tanks Blitz codes to help you out!

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Best heavy tank - IS-4

Best heavy tank in World of Tanks Blitz - IS4

If you've been playing World of Tanks Blitz for a long time, you probably know that Heavy Tanks is the best option for both experienced players and beginners. Most heavy tanks have excellent armour and significant health points, providing good survivability. Heavy Tanks can quickly cover up your mistakes, allowing you to deal a lot of damage even if you are a beginner. And the best Heavy Tank in World of Tanks Blitz nowadays is IS-4.

Even though most purple-statistic players would choose a tank with a higher DPM, IS-4 seems to have the perfect balance between speed, survivability, and armour. This tank has 160 front armour that can be easily increased using the correct positions. It is nearly impossible to find a tank that can deal damage to an IS-4 shooting at the turret. As a result, you can deal even a few thousand damage in every battle playing IS-4 if you are skilled enough. Below are the raw stats of IS-4.

  • Hitpoints - 2500
  • Top Speed - 43 Km/h
  • Power to Weight Ratio - 12.3 hp/ton
  • View Range - 250m
  • Penetration - 250/303/68
  • Damage - 490
  • Rate of Fire - 4.38
  • DPM - 2637

Best Medium Tank - STB-1

Best medium tank it WoT Blitz - STB-1

It is nearly impossible to find a World of Tanks player who does not know about STB-1. It is one of the most famous tanks in the game, and definitely the most popular Medium Tank not only in World of Tanks Blitz but also in the PC and console versions of this game. STB-1 has significant Damage Per Minute and speed, allowing this tank to be on time in essential positions. Moreover, STB-1 can boast 11 depression and 13 elevation gun angles.

Even though some Medium Tanks like Leopard can boast the same stats, STB-1 also has pretty good turret armour, making it a more easy-to-use tank than others. The only disadvantage of using STB-1 is that you should be pretty experienced if you want to use this tank effectively. Even though STB-1 has good turret armour, its survivability can't be compared with the survivability of powerful Heavy Tanks. Also, you should consider that when playing Medium Tanks like STB-1, you always need to be careful not to randomly use health points from Tank Destroyers like Jageroo and others. Below is a description of the most important stats of STB-1.

  • Hitpoints - 1850
  • Top Speed - 53 Km/h
  • Power to Weight Ratio - 20.05 hp/ton
  • View Range - 302m
  • Penetration - 245/300/53
  • Damage - 350
  • Rate of Fire - 9.25
  • DPM - 3239

Best Light Tank - T-100 LT

T-100 LT in WoT Blitz

Before finding out the best Light Tank in World of Tanks Blitz, you need to know that light tanks significantly differ from other tanks. The main difficulty is that Light Tanks often don't significantly impact the result of the battle. As such, it's pretty challenging to deal much damage if your teammates don't take control of the important positions on the map. Also, with Light Tank, pushing the line and surviving for a long time is impossible if you are not experienced. Therefore, it's best not to choose Light Tanks if you are at the beginning stages of the game.

Once you are an experienced player, the best option among Light Tanks is T-100 LT. Most Soviet tanks appear powerful in World of Tanks Blitz, and T-100 LT is no exception. Some gamers consider the T-100 LT a lightened medium tank, not a Light Tank. Using T-100 LT, you can not only be helpful to your team by showing them opponents, but you can also deal damage. And below, you can find out all about the characteristics of the T-100 LT.

  • Hitpoints - 1700
  • Top Speed - 68 Km/h
  • Power to Weight Ratio - 30.88 hp/ton
  • View Range - 302m
  • Penetration - 240/290/50
  • Damage - 310
  • Rate of Fire - 10.18
  • DPM - 3156

Best Tank Destroyer - Jg. Pz E100

Best TD in WoT Blitz - Jg.Pz. E100

Even though a lot of people love to hate Tank Destroyers - considering them the most imbalanced class in World of Tanks Blitz - they should still be included in our list of the best tanks. The best Tank Destroyer nowadays is Jg. Pz E100, better known as Jageroo. The main feature of Jageroo is a powerful 170mm cannon. Honestly, it is nearly impossible to find a tank that can stop the golden ammo of Jg. Pz E100. With this Tank Destroyer, you can penetrate even the heaviest tanks shooting the turret. The only disadvantage of Jageroo is its price. With this tank, you'll have to spend loads of silver in every battle, so you should grind silver a lot before getting ready to play on Jg. Pz E100. Below, you can find detailed stats of this powerful tank destroyer.

  • Hitpoints - 2150
  • Top Speed - 30 Km/h
  • Power to Weight Ratio - 7.58 hp/ton
  • View Range - 271m
  • Penetration - 299/380/85
  • Damage - 800
  • Rate of Fire - 4.01
  • DPM - 3208

That’s it with the World of Tanks Blitz best tanks in each category. And while you're still here, feel free to check our lists of the best tank games for Android and the best tank games on iOS.

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