World Chef tips, cheats, and how to play

Heston, eat your delicious and intricately prepared heart out

World Chef tips, cheats, and how to play
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Ever wanted to run your own restaurant - but without the stress of bank loans, staff management, health inspections, and getting out of bed?

Then you'll want World Chef: a light and breezy fine dining sim that lets you build up a massive eatery just by waiting, tapping, and trying not to look at all the people who seem to be staring directly at you at all times.

World Chef


To help you get started, we have some top tips for the game. But first, a run down of the rules:

How to play

The gameplay loop in World Chef is easy to learn.

Customers come into your restaurant, sit down, and ask for a type of food. You then cook the food using one of your chefs - ingredients are either bought at the market (like beef for a patty) or cooked at another station (like a patty for a burger).


Once the customer is fed, you can tap on their table to earn some gold - and the spot will be filled by another customer.

While you might expect snappy service in real life restaurants, World Chef is not a game about speed. Customers won't leave, no matter how long you make them wait - and food doesn't spoil, no matter how long you leave it in your kitchen.

So don't rush: this is a game of quiet determination, not frantic fretting.

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Don't waste your gems on speeding things up - they're better spent on useful, permanent upgrades like extra slots on your cooking stations.

If a meal or ingredient is glowing white, that means it's almost done and won't cost you anything to finish the cook.


You can make people finish eating for free. Just tap on them and if it says "free", tap that button to boot them out of your restaurant!

Speaking of which - while it might be tempting to reject fussy customers entirely (tap the table and hit the exit button) you'll then have to wait about five minutes for the table to be prepared. Use this power wisely.


Keep an eye on the achievements window - you'll get stuff for finishing them, and a big bonus for finishing the lot.

Decorations provide no bonuses, so wait until you're flush with cash before shelling out on fancy paintings and pianos.


There is a limit to how many ingredients and cooked meals you can store at once, so don't overload yourself. Wait to see what customers want, and respond. Or, you can upgrade your storage with gems.

Remember that you can cook different types of food at the same cooking station. As an example, you can drop burger patties onto just some of the grill helper's grills, and steaks onto the others.

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