Wolfenstein RPG, Quake, Doom coming to iPhone

Along with a few other idSoftware hotties

Wolfenstein RPG, Quake, Doom coming to iPhone

In an interview with MTV Multiplayer, id Software’s John Carmack discussed his studio’s strategy for 2009, which included the hit Wolfenstein reboot, Wolfenstein RPG.

We took a look at the mobile version of this unusual genre switch for the classic FPS, which turned the fighting aspects of the game over to standard turn-based RPG combat - a system we thought worked very nicely under the inherent restrictions of the mobile platform.

Carmack was quick to give up details of id’s iPhone interpretation, which will feature higher resolution graphics, revamped audio and improved 3D acceleration. But he also admitted this isn’t a game built entirely for iPhone from the ground up.

He did say the company is working with a software partner to bring other so far unannounced id Software assets to the iPhone in a brand new game designed specifically for the Apple handset, however.

This unnamed title also has the potential to spread to the Wii, according to Carmack, which suggests it’s likely to be pretty damn entertaining.

To finish, Carmack happily revealed id Software will be keen to bring its other classic franchises such as Doom and Quake (which home brew developers have already had working on the iPhone, though this news suggests they’ll not get an official App Store release now) in an attempt to get caught up with their iPhone presence.

Damnably exciting news, what?

(Screenshots are from the mobile version of Wolfenstein RPG)

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