Wolfenstein RPG appears early on Japanese App Store

Nazis make a quick exit, but not before being caught on video

Wolfenstein RPG appears early on Japanese App Store

TouchArcade picked up Japanese iPhone website AppBank when it managed to grab an accidental release of EA's forthcoming adaptation of Wolfenstein RPG, and took a few screenshots and a video before it disappeared again.

The accidental publishing of Wolfenstein RPG showed EA's adaptation of the mobile hit to have received a rather significant upgrade to the visuals, and looks to have done a sterling job in bringing the blend of classic FPS and RPG to the iPhone.

The mobile version impressed us with its unusual combination of gaming genres - switching to turn-based combat whenever you come into contact with your Nazi captors, while providing an admirable rendition of the nostalgic dungeon crawler.

Wolfenstein RPG was promptly pulled from the Japanese App Store, but judging by the video AppBank has since released, it looks as though it's all but ready and should be with us before too much longer.

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