Wolfenstein RPG out now on US App Store

Turn-based Nazi shooting a go-go

Wolfenstein RPG out now on US App Store

It's obviously the week for releasing ports of old PC shooters onto the App Store.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of Duke Nukem 3D and today's id Software’s Wolfenstein RPG has gone live via publisher EA Mobile.

Although, at time of writing, it was only live on the US App Store. [Update: but now it's on both (thanks Lupe)]

Intriguingly, it has a listed release date of May 11, 2009 suggesting it may have spent some time getting Apple's approval.

Although there was the weird gremlin which saw the game mistakenly released on the Japanese App Store on May 18. It was quickly removed.

But it's here now.

Previously released for mobile, the iPhone version of Wolfenstein RPG - which features vastly improved graphics - is loosely based around id's Castle Wolfenstein games and mixes up the first person shooter action with role-playing elements, making it more of a turn-based shooter.

Of course, you take the character of Sergeant B.J.Blazkowicz, fighting your way through a castle full of assorted Nazis, zombies and skeletons, armed only with your fists, boots and knuckle-duster. Oh, and weaponry including a rocket launcher, a flamethrower, sniper rifle, and a telsa gun.

So fairly well armed then.

EA Mobile and id claim the nine levels will take more than eight hours to play through, thanks to various secret areas. Two mini-games, Kick the Chicken and War, are also included.

Wolfenstein RPG is out now, priced $4.99 (or £2.99 when it's out in the UK).
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