ngmoco and PaRappa the Rapper creators release WINtA on iPhone

All for a good cause

ngmoco and PaRappa the Rapper creators release WINtA on iPhone

OneBigGame, an initiative that gets famous game designers and major development studios to developer unique titles on behalf of childrens’ charities around the world, has released its latest title.

Rhythm-action game WiNTA (War is Not The Answer) is published by ngmoco and comes from iPhone developer Triangle Studios. It was designed in collaboration with Masaya Mastuura, the famous Japanese developer behind cult PlayStation classic PaRappa the Rapper.

“Combining elements of pattern recognition with the natural tendency of people to tap along with music,” Pocket Gamer wrote after seeing the game in action earlier this year, “WINtA is said to provide a fun way for people to tap along to their favourite songs while also creating an addictive challenge.”

The ad-supported app is free to download, and you’ll get a few tracks for nothing, but you’ll have to cough up through small in-app purchases for new songs. It’s all for a good cause, though: proceeds will be sent out to OneBigGame’s charities, which include Save the Children and Starlight.

The organisation’s previous title was Xbox Live Arcade and Steam title Chime. We’ve been told that the next release will be an iPad game from Earthworm Jim creator David Perry.