Wingspan soars the skies and lands on Android devices on November 9th, with pre-registration now open

Wingspan soars the skies and lands on Android devices on November 9th, with pre-registration now open
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Atmospheric board game adaptation Wingspan is coming to Android after a successful launch on iOS devices. Taking to the skies on November 9th - with pre-registration now open - the award-winning strategy card game takes players on a relaxing journey through a nature preserve filled with ornithological life.

Monster Couch studio's Wingspan is an avian adventure based on the Kennerspiel des Jahres award-winning board game. You'll nurture your own nature preserve and bring a wide variety of birds under your care. Whether you're a researcher or a bird watcher, an ornithologist or a collector, or even simply just a bird enthusiast, the game takes you on a meditative journey of discovery in a wildlife preserve.

As you collect more birds, you unlock a chain of more powerful combinations in your nature preserve's habitats. Make sure that you care for your different habitats - Forest, Wetland, and Grassland - to boost key aspects of your preserve's overall growth. These aspects complement one another, so leave no habitat unattended.

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The game also allows players to indulge in social play through the cross-platform multiplayer for up to 5 players. You can collect all 170 unique birds with their own abilities to help your nature preserve flourish, whether it's about laying eggs or hunting and fishing. Plus, the relaxing soundtrack will serenade you in the background as you tend to your flocks. You can also learn interesting facts about wildlife.

Wingspan is landing on Android devices on November 9th, featuring real-life audio recordings for a more immersive gameplay experience. You can now pre-order the game on the Google Play Store for a price tag of $9.99, or join the community of followers over on the game's official Discord channel to talk about your collection with like-minded individuals.

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