Wildfrost is a roguelike deck-builder out now for iOS and Android

The roguelike deck-builder takes you through a frozen world

Wildfrost is a roguelike deck-builder out now for iOS and Android
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  • Wildfrost, from developer Gaziter and Deadpan Games, is finally on mobile
  • Enjoy roguelike deckbuilding action on iOS and Android
  • Survive against the unending winter with a team of tenacious survivors

Gaziter and Deadpan Games' Wildfrost has just released on iOS and Android. Taking you through a frozen world plagued by the titular Wildfrost, you'll guide the inhabitants of Snowdell in their survival by building up a deck of tenacious individuals to take a stand against the unending winter. And you can enjoy all of this on your platform of choice for $6.99.

Available now, Wildfrost mixes RPG elements with your classic roguelike deckbuilder. There are over 160 cards to choose from, with replayability coming from daily runs and challenges so you never run out of things to do. You'll also be able to further customise your deck with unique leaders, recruitable companions and more while taking advantage of the dynamic 'counter' system to further put your skills to the test.

Going rogue-like
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It's not surprising that a game like Wildfrost inevitably makes the jump to mobile as if there's one genre that we think mobile excels at, it's card games and deck-builders. By being able to take games like this with you when you're out and about it's easier than ever to hop in, play awhile and then get back to your daily tasks.

Wildfrost certainly seems to offer features built for mobile, with daily challenges and other replayable features, as well as a little light base-building for those of us who love seeing cities rise from nothing. Of course, we'll have to see just how well the game has translated to mobile in terms of UI, but with some colourful, engaging visuals Wildfrost certainly looks to be a stone-cold classic.

If deck-builders or roguelikes aren't your thing then don't worry, because there's plenty to play on mobile. Check out our regular feature of the top 5 new mobile games to play this week! Or take a gander at our absolutely massive (and growing) list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far)!

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