Wild Rift Patch 2.1 Preview: Release date, new champions, patch schedule and upcoming events

Wild Rift Patch 2.1 Preview: Release date, new champions, patch schedule and upcoming events

Ever since its release, Wild Rift has been a massive success. The game is steadily gaining popularity and increasing its player base as we speak (or rather, as you are reading this), and with all the events constantly running in the game, new content is sure to make its way onto the Rift. Below we'll take a look at what the latest Wild Rift patch looks like, and what it will translate into at a later date. 

In Wild Rift Patch 2.1 we're getting an early overview of some upcoming new features, as well as skins and skin-themed events (like the beloved PROJECT skin line). 

But first things first - Riot has announced a new way of deploying the patches for Wild Rift, which is both consistent and will leave plenty of room for adjustment from a player's perspective. The game's patch 2.1 will last from February to the end of March, and we will get 3 additional patches: 2.1a, 2.1b, and 2.1c (for champion and item adjustments and bugfixes).

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wild rift update 2.1

Upcoming content in Wild Rift Patch 2.1

In this patch, we'll finally get the ability to rewatch our games, with the addition of the long-awaited Replays and Spectator modes.

The Lunar Beast Event is the next event to run in the game after the Yordle Expedition one left us with plenty of info regarding the champions, where they come from, as well as some insight into the life in said regions. This event is going to start relatively soon (I presume), given that a similar event is running in TFT (the Festival of Beasts).

In a later patch during the month of February, we'll also get the Vastayan duo Xayah and Rakan, who are a force to be reckoned with in the bot lane. Xayah is a Marksman who will get additional buffs when played alongside Rakan, who is a Support. They can teleport together into the base, Rakan has extended skill range, and much more - but we'll cover that in a dedicated Rakan guide! 

In March, we will get four more champions added to Wild Rift. Katarina will make an appearance in early March, while Leona, Diana, and Pantheon will be added later on in 2.1. (And I have to mention, Pantheon looks worlds apart from what you've been used to in League of Legends!) 

Of course, along with these new champions we need new champion skins as well! The Omega Squad skin line and Project skin line will also be released during this period, adding to the hype! Given what we know from League of Legends, we can assume that Teemo will finally get his Omega Squad Teemo Skin, Fizz might get his Omega Squad Fizz Skin and Tristana will get the awesome Omega Squad Tristana Skin (presumably).  

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As for the PROJECT skins, Zed will definitely get his PROJECT Zed skin (about time I'd say!), Katarina might be released with her PROJECT Katarina Skin, and Leona as well, coming in strong with her PROJECT Leona skin. As for Pantheon and Diana, I can't really tell, but it could be anything between Dragonslayer (common skin line for both of them) and Lunar Goddess Diana and Pulsefire Pantheon! However, nothing's been released regarding that, so we'll make sure to keep you updated as soon as we learn something new!

The Path of Ascension Event will be the last one to run, probably sometime in mid to late March, around the same time, the three Targonian champions (Leona, Diana, and Pantheon) will be released! 

The schedule for patches during 2021

Assuming that the following format will be applied for most of the upcoming patches during 2021, we could assume that major changes and more info regarding the game will be released with upcoming patches. The dates might vary, but they should be roughly around these: 

Patch 2.1 - starting around the 2nd of February 2021
Patch 2.2 - starting around the end of March 2021
Patch 2.3 - starting around the beginning of June 2021
Patch 2.4 - starting around the beginning of August 2021
Patch 2.5 - starting around the beginning of October 2021
Patch 2.6 - starting around the beginning of December 2021

With the release of more patch notes soon, we'll find out more accurate information! So don't miss those if you want to know exactly what stats have changed for our already existing champions and items!