League of Legends: Wild Rift launches a massive new update as part of the multi-media event Soul Fighter

League of Legends: Wild Rift launches a massive new update as part of the multi-media event Soul Fighter

To celebrate the brand new batch of events amongst all three of its main games, Riot Games has begun the latest event to be introduced to Wild Rift. This new event, entitled Soul Fighters, brings in a brand new game mode, a new Champion, a bunch of new skins, and a new event pass!

This very well might be the largest cross-game event hosted within Riot Games’ triple stack of League of Legends-related titles, as the Soul Fighter event will take place within Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra alike. For this particular article, we’ll be focusing on Wild Rift, so let’s dig in!

To begin with, we have the new game mode; Tag Duel! This new game mode throws you into a tense 1v1 on a smaller map, where you will then pick three different characters in your lineup. With this chosen roster, you’ll be able to swap seamlessly between each character you chose, allowing you to basically combine all of the abilities of all three of these characters one after another as long as they aren’t on cooldowns. This makes the stakes quite high, but the ceiling for outplay potential and awesome plays is way bigger too!

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Alongside the new game mode, there’s a brand new character too! Nilah, the Joy Unbound. This whip-wielding warrior acts as a ranged damage dealer and utilizes a lot of speedy abilities to do big damage as one attack damage carry option.

On the cosmetic side of things, we have Soul Fighter Nilah, Soul Fighter Drave, Soul Fighter Yasuo, Soul Fight Irelia, and Soul Fighter Xin Zhao. There’s even an enhanced version of Soul Fighter Draven for those of you that love your prestige skins!

Finally, there’s also a new event pass, which will allow you to complete different missions and challenges to get experience and unlock various things from that new event pass! Lots of new content, so if you want to get started, you can download Wild Rift for free at either of the links below!

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