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LoL: Wild Rift Xin Zhao Guide: Best build, items, runes

Everything you need to know about Xin Zhao in Wild Rift

LoL: Wild Rift Xin Zhao Guide: Best build, items, runes
Updated on: July 27, 2021

In this League of Legends: Wild Rift Xin Zhao guide you'll find everything you need to know about the champion, from his skills and how to allocate them to his build, skill combo, and runes. Here is what you will find in the Xin Zhao guide below:

Xin Zhao, The Seneschal of Demacia is the next Wild Rift character we'll cover. He is a jungler that falls somewhere between a tank and a fighter and has a super easy kit that anybody can learn in a matter of minutes - or hours (depends on your determination). Xin will mostly use his lance to inflict damage, and most of his skills rely on auto-attacks (similar to Jax). 

If you were to compare his kit to others, you could say that it's something between Shyvana, Jax and Lee Sin - except... a bit toned down. He has crowd control, empowered auto-attacks and an ultimate that makes him tankier (by making him invulnerable). If you want a cool champion to play in the jungle, Xin is a great pick.  

Xin Zhao skills

League of Legends: Wild Rift Xin Zhao skills

Determination (Passive)

Every third attack deals bonus damage and heals Xin Zhao.

Three Talon Strike (Skill 1)

Xin Zhao's next 3 standard attacks deal increased damage with the third attack knocking an opponent into the air.

Wind Becomes Lightning (Skill 2)

Xin Zhao slashes in front of himself with his spear, then thrusts it forward, slowing affected enemies.

Audacious Charge (Skill 3)

Xin Zhao charges to an enemy, dealing damage to all enemies in the area and slowing them briefly.

Crescent Guard (Skill 4 / Ultimate)

Xin Zhao deals damage to nearby enemies based on their current Health and knocks non-challenged targets back. Xin Zhao is impervious to damage dealt by champions outside of the circle created.

How to combo as Xin Zhao

Xin has a few useful combos, but nothing too crazy. He's simple to play, so it should be pretty simple to land all of them. 

- Skill 4 (ultimate) -> Flash -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1 -> Auto-attack -> Auto-attack -> Auto-attack -> Skill 1 -> Auto-attack

Ideally, you can use this combo to knock an enemy back into your team and then quickly Flash behind them. Follow up with Skill 3 to gap close, then cast Skill 1 and 3 auto-attacks before using Skill 2 and finish off with more auto-attacks.

- Skill 3 -> Auto-attack -> Skill 4 (ultimate) -> Auto-attack

This is the main combo you will use to isolate a target and shut it down.

- Make sure to always use 3 auto-attacks to proc the passive

This is one of the key aspects of Xin Zhao - you want to always proc your passive which deals more damage and heals him back some HP.

In what order to level up the skills?

For Xin Zhao, you want to max your Skill 2 first, then continue by levelling Skill 3, and finally Skill 1.  

  • Level 1: Skill 3
  • Level 2: Skill 1
  • Level 3: Skill 2
  • Level 4: Skill 2
  • Level 5: Skill 4
  • Level 6: Skill 2
  • Level 7: Skill 2

Keep levelling Skill 2 until it's maxed, then focus on Skill 3, and lastly on Skill 1. Of course, whenever you can, you want to add 1 point into your Skill 4 (ultimate).

The best summoner spells

Smite: Deal 440 true damage (440 - 1100) to a large or epic monster or minion. Smiting monsters restores 70 HP. Slaying 4 large monsters upgrades Smite to Chilling Smite or Challenging Smite, which can target enemy champions. (+ the bonuses from Hunting License and Tooth and Nail from Smite, that charge once every 45s)

Flash: Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction. 

Wild RIft Xin Zhao - The best runes

Best runes for WR Xin Zhao

Wild Rift Xin Zhao - The best items

Wild Rift Xin Zhao item build


Ninja Tabis or Mercury's Treads will be your main choice (depending on what damage you're trying to mitigate), but you can also go for Gluttonous Greaves if you want some sustain. 

The best choice of Enchant is Glory, Quicksilver, Gargoyle Stoneplate or Locket of the Iron Solari.

If you would like to examine if Xin Zhao is currently in meta, take a look at our Wild Rift Tier List! And if you are interested in other champion builds and not only Wild Rift Xin Zhao, check our guides for Jinx, Leona, Lulu, and every other character from the game!