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How to pick the best champion for you in League of Legends: Wild Rift

How to pick the best champion for you in League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift can be extremely fun if you play a champion that you genuinely enjoy. However, finding the best champion for you might not be as easy as you think. Depending on how you want to play the game, you can choose from a variety of champions, each of them with a unique play style.

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Riot already has a sort of champion finder, that should help you find the most suited champion for you, but personally, I believe that there are simply too many aspects to take into consideration when you want to main a champion, and the "test" they've created will not suffice. So, here I am, bringing my own little conception to help you figure out the best champion for you.

It's pretty simple, really. All you need to do is pick the one which you think will fit you the most, in terms of what you want to achieve within the game.

So, let's dive right in, shall we?

1. Do you prefer fighting on your own, surviving most 2v1 instances, and having the ability to carry games in the late game?

Then you might want to consider one of the following top lane champions:
- Jax
- Fiora
- Camille
- Darius
- Garen
- Tryndamere

2. Do you want to play something that has pretty much a single combo (or none) to execute, can do well in teamfights, can survive quite well during laning phase, and is mobile?

Then your champion might be:
- Singed (top lane)
- Tryndamere (top lane)
- Garen (top lane)
- Darius (top lane)
- Dr. Mundo (top lane)

3. Do you want to experience intense gameplay, have the ability to dash through enemies, minions, take opponents by surprise, and make fun plays happen?

You could consider one of the following champions:
- Ahri (mid lane)
- Akali (mid lane)
- Fizz (mid lane)
- Master Yi (jungle)
- Yasuo (Baron lane or mid lane)
- Zed (mid lane)

4. Do you want a sturdy champion, that can engage the enemy, start teamfights, or aid your teammates in various situations?

Then a tanky engage, like the following champions, might be for you:
- Alistar (support)
- Amumu (jungle)
- Blitzcrank (support)
- Braum (support)
- Gragas (jungle, sometimes support)
- Darius (top lane)
- Malphite (top or support)
- Vi (jungle)
- Xin Zhao (jungle)

5. Do you normally like mage-style ranged champions, and want to play safe, until you've got the ability to burst the enemy down?

Try playing the following champions:
- Annie (mid lane or support)
- Lux (mid lane or support)
- Orianna (mid lane)
- Twisted Fate (mid lane)
- Varus (marksman)
- Ziggs (mid lane)

6. Do you like having quite a bit of range, a constant damage output, even though you might lack defenses or mobility?

Then marksmen like the following ones are ideal for you:
- Ashe
- Jinx
- Miss Fortune
- Vayne
- Draven
- Varus

7. Do you like all of the above, but want to be mobile too?

Then pick Ezreal.

8. Do you really want to challenge yourself from multiple points of view, learn key positioning in all circumstances, and have the ability to stun, move through terrain, and be a galactic badass? (In other words, would you like to be a galactic battleship?)

Then learn how to play Aurelion Sol (mid lane).

9. If you don't mind reloading your big gun in the middle of the fight, then pick of those champions:

- Graves (jungle)
- Jhin (marksman)

10. Do you like helping out your teammates with shields, heals, and quite a bit of damage?

Then enchanter supports like the following ones might be right for you:
- Janna
- Seraphine
- Sona
- Soraka
- Nami 

11. Do you want to defy terrain and be able to survive pretty well in team fights, as well as have the ability to start fights?

Then pick one of the following junglers:
- Jarvan IV
- Lee Sin
- Vi
- Xin Zhao

12. Do you never want to never target an ability again?

Then one of these champions might be for you:
- Sona (support)
- Master Yi (jungle)
- Draven, as long as you only auto-attack (marksman)
- Malphite (top lane or support)

13. Do you like Vikings and want to throw axes around, be practically unkillable in the late game, and be immune to crowd control?

Then Olaf (jungler) is the way to go.

14. Do you want to throw axes around, but be even meaner than a Viking? 

Welcome to the League of Draven! Yes, Draven (marksman) might the one for you.

14. Do you prefer a champion with a global ultimate, able to affect any part of the map? 

Then pick one of the following:
- Ashe (marksman)
- Ezreal (marksman)
- Jinx (marksman)
- Draven (marksman)
- Soraka (support)

15. Do you want to play an aggressive support champion, that can poke the enemy from a safe distance? 

Then these champions will be ideal for you:
- Sona
- Janna
- Malphite
- Lux
- Seraphine

16. Do you want a powerful and tanky support that can engage?

Then you should give one of these champions a try:
- Blitzcrank
- Malphite
- Gragas (when you play him support)
- Braum
- Alistar

17. Are you looking for extremely mobile champions that can dive under the enemy tower and get back out safe and sound (most of the time)? 

Then try one of these: 
- Akali
- Fizz
- Zed
- Ahri
- Camille
- Evelynn (with ultimate)
- Ezreal (with his Arcane Shift)
- Jarvan IV
- Lee Sin
- Master Yi
- Tryndamere
- Yasuo