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Everything you need to know about Glorious Tryndamere and other Wild Rift Season 0 rewards

Everything you need to know about Glorious Tryndamere and other Wild Rift Season 0 rewards

With its first launch across the world, Wild Rift also started its beta launch. With that, came a ranked season called Season 0, which is currently seeing its final days. In this Season 0, we've got the experience firsthand Wild Rift in all of its glory, and enjoy the immersive world Riot has brought us in its mobile MOBA.

But like every season in LoL, it doesn't just come and go - it rewards players who've done exceptionally well in the ranked queue with exclusive rewards that will leave you wanting for more!

Below you will get a better insight of all the Season 0 rewards, as well as the date Season 1 will commence and everything else you need to know before starting the new season.

Start and end date of Season 0

Season 0 started back on October 7th, 2020, and will end on January 7th, 2021. That means this first season lasted for exactly 3 months!

Will the following seasons follow in their steps? We'll find out!

Season 1 will begin on January 8th, 2020, after a 3-4 hour break, where players won't be able to join in any ranked queue.

Wild Rift Season 0 rewards

The rewards players can claim at the end of this season are similar to the ones players get in LoL. They include a ranked border based on your final rank, an exclusive Skin, a limited icon and an emote. Check them out below!

S0 participation Icon
- This icon will be awarded to all players who've played in Wild Rift during this period and played at least 1 ranked game, no matter the rank S0 Emote
- This emote is given to players who've played ranked games and finished in Gold or above, and have won 10+ games in ranked queue. Highest Rank Player Emblem
- These emblems will appear on your profile once the season ends, and will signify your rank. To receive them, you need to reach at least Gold rank.

Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond

Master, Grandmaster, Challenger

Glorious Tryndamere Skin
- This skin is similar to the Victorious skins given in LoL and is exclusive to S0.
Important note: In season 1, Wild Rift will start getting exclusive Victorious skins too, so stay tuned for that!

Post-season rank reset

To players who finished their ranked games in Season 0, there will be a rank reset once Season 1 begins. This is how the ranks will change, based on the rank the player ended on:

- Iron I-IV -> Will stay the same
- Bronze I-IV -> Will stay the same
- Silver I-IV -> Will stay the same
- Gold I-IV -> Will stay the same
- Platinum III-IV -> Gold I
- Platinum II -> Platinum IV
- Platinum I -> Platinum III
- Emerald IV -> Platinum II
- Emerald II-III -> Platinum I
- Emerald I -> Emerald IV
- Diamond IV -> Emerald III
- Diamond II-III -> Emerald II
- Diamond I -> Emerald I
- Master - Grandmaster -> Diamond IV
- Challenger -> Diamond III

What about Ranked Fortitude?

All the ranked fortitude you've gathered will be reset back to 0 once Season 0 ends, so you better make the most ouf of them and use them in some games!

What's your current rank and what rank are you trying to achieve? I'm currently trying to hit Emerald, but I'm still having slight issues with the end-of-season ranked farm (you know how it goes)!