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A sneak peak at the League of Legends: Wild Rift upcoming Battlepass & other features

A sneak peak at the League of Legends: Wild Rift upcoming Battlepass & other features

As you might be well aware, most mobile MOBAs have a battlepass, which gives players additional rewards, that consist mainly of in-game currency, loot boxes, and even champion skins. But did you know that League of Legends: Wild Rift might get such a battlepass in the future?

Usually, games that feature a battlepass have two versions of it: the free one, which all players can enjoy without having to pay for it, and the premium one, which gives a lot of additional benefits, but players usually have to pay something between $10 or $15 for it. 

Keep in mind that everything is just speculation at this point because there has been no official announcement on what or even if the pass might launch for us in the near future. However, it seems highly plausible, since the Chinese servers have had some interesting Wild Rift content.

But let's take a look at everything that might come to League of Legends: Wild Rift in the future.

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A Wild Rift Battlepass

That's right - there have been several leaks from Wild Rift China pointing at what resembles a Wild Rift Battlepass. There are two tiers to the pass, one which is going to be premium, and one that all players can access for free. The premium will be the Gold pass, while the free one will be the Silver one.

Some of the rewards that could be included in the pass are:

- Skins
- Chests (champion chests, random skin chests)
- Blue Motes
- Emotes
- Icons and/or borders
- Poro Coins
- Poses (?)

Images courtesy of Canserole, on YouTube.

Similarly, a Battlepass might be added for the PC version of the game, just like Joe Fenny has shown in a tweet earlier this year. Personally, I can't wait for it! 

Intimacy System

This feature will allow players to have an additional icon next to their champion portrait, which basically shows the "intimacy" between them. Players can increase that by gifting each other skins, champions, and probably other items, which actually makes a lot of sense given that the game currently has a Wishlist system.

In the Wishlist system, players can currently add champions or skins to their wishlist, and other players can see them. Of course, if they want to, they can gift them using Wild Cores or Blue Motes.

After unlocking intimacy, two players can choose a title that they can share, which could showcase their relationship.

These titles are:
- Couple
- Brotherhood
- Sisterhood

Of course, a battlepass is not the only thing that might come to Wild Rift in the near future. The game is still in its incipient stages, so chances are there will be LOTS of events and content that will be released over time, once they've been adjusted and bug-free.

As for Intimacy, I've read rumors that it might not be implemented at all, but I guess we'll have to see for ourselves whatever the future brings!