[Update] Where's My Valentine? Why, it's on the App Store

Have a heart (Updated: Now available on Android, too)

[Update] Where's My Valentine? Why, it's on the App Store
Updated on February 8th, at 16:05: Disney's Where's My Valentine? is now available to download on Android devices, too.

Grab it from Google Play for free [download].

With one week to go before Valentine's Day, Disney has just launched its latest seasonal take on hydrocentric puzzler Where's My Water?

Where's My Valentine? is an update to December's Christmassy release Where's My Holiday?, and once again sees Swampy the shower-loving alligator team up with Perry the secret agent Platypus.

As ever, you need to re-route water to the sewer-dwelling and double life-leading heroes, by digging out dirt and avoiding obstacles.

The freebie offers 12 Valentine's-themed levels to get through. Half of them feature Swampy, and the other half follow the exploits of Perry.

If Where's My Valentine? whetted your whistle, you can upgrade to the full versions of Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry? at 69p / 99c apiece.