WarQuest: Game of the Gods tips for your epic reading adventure

WarQuest: Game of the Gods tips for your epic reading adventure

Read on, make choices, be legendary.

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WarQuest: Game of the Gods is one of the more memorable text adventure games that are out there. It's a choice-based game, and although there have been plenty of those kinds of games, the most famous, modern ones of them usually have a film-like, cinematic approach. This game is much closer to the book experience. 

In fact, you're essentially reading a novel, but it just has choices that you have to make along the way. In this epic tale, you take on the role of Tokar, a mercenary with a troubled past, who was once a proud knight. The decisions he makes will shape the outcome of each page following them. 

You're basically writing the book as you read it. It's a very good, cozy game to play through, and with its book-like nature, it's perfect for mobile phones. You get a novel and a game at the same time, so it's a win-win. Here are some tips and hints for your magical, reading journey. 

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Always think about your health

Pretty obvious here but at the top left corner of your screen is your lives. You start off around 30 of them, which seems like a comfortable amount. However, make your choices wisely, because the amount of hearts you lose can vary based on what the action is in WarQuest: Game of the Gods.

Of course, you can't predict what happens. You're just simply going with your gut, and what you feel is best. But, just understand that you likely won't just lose one heart if you take damage. It varies overall. Sometimes you may lose two or even three hearts.

This can add up if you aren't careful. Remember, you restart the chapter if you die. Now, if you die early in a chapter then restarting won't seem so bad I suppose. Another positive thing is that you should easily be able to get back to where you were in the chapter. Just skim through the pages you already read, make your choices again (or select a different one if you wish) and you'll be back in no time. But still, monitor those hearts.

Earn some Honor

Honor is really the best reward you can get in WarQuest. It essentially plays as your total score. It will determine your greatness at the end of the game. You get it based on your choices, of course, so definitely think about them. The good thing is that you can take your time with your decisions.

On many occasions, being "heroic" will give you some Honor. This not always the case every time, but certainly, showing flashes of your former, knight self has a chance to give some. So just bear this in mind when you play the game.

If your score is important to you, then this is the biggest thing to pay attention to. There's no real way of knowing if you'll get any Honor, but you would just have to think; in a medieval type of world, what are the best traits of a warrior? Is it smarts? Is the will to fight on? Just ask yourself some questions if you think that would help.

Watch your energy

Energy is another important aspect of the game. Not as critical as your health and your Honor, but it is needed to make certain decisions. When you feel it's best to make a combat-related choice, energy will be needed to make those moves happen.

If you're low on this, then you'll take devastating damage. So it's highly important to make sure you have a fair amount of energy before clicking on an action choice. Depending on the fight, you'll usually lose two things of energy. The good thing is that it does tell you how much you'll for picking a certain option.

So that should make your choices easier when you're put in the position. Do you feel it's best to save your energy for future battles or are you comfortable enough to lose a little bit to tackle the task at hand?

Enjoy the story

It's not often that you see a game that is essentially a book, and the story of Tokar and crew is a fun one. It's a good, easy read with short pages before getting to your choices. You'll enjoy our hero's dynamic personality as it gets shaped over time. 

You'll also like some of the intriguing locations and magical foes that you'll be dealing with too. And when you read, click on the highlighted words and names. This is a great way to get a better look at the lore of each main area, item, enemy, etc that you come across in the game. 

So yes, although there some decisions that you'll have to make, it's still a relaxing read too (well, you know, just don't die). It's easy to just curl up under a blanket on a bed, couch, a pile of clothes (wait, what?), or any other soft thing and just play this game. So, read on, have fun and get that Honor you deserve.


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