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War bots, move out is set to take over the world
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Get ready to battle robots in huge, epic battles with Wondersquad’s first game, The game’s making the jump from its browser-based platform to mobile, paving the way for even bigger and better robot action, as players on any device can play against 100 other players in cross-platform matches. is all about providing classic arcade action that anyone can enjoy.

Choose from five upgradable robot models, specializing in unique weapon classes to appeal to any playstyle--machine guns, cannons, flamethrowers, and shotguns. You’ll collect new parts during your adventures to buff up your robots attack and defence stats.

Multiple gameplay modes make even more room for customised play. Players can select Free for All or Last One Standing gameplay modes where they’ll not only come up against enemy robots, but also traps and other obstacles, including gravity fields and exploding drums, set on tripping them up.

Now’s the time to take up arms in a battle bot of your very own. You can join the battle today. Play right now on iOS and Android.