New Volkswagen Polo to get its own free iPhone game

Fishlabs bringing 3D skills to bear on advergame

New Volkswagen Polo to get its own free iPhone game

Fishlabs has announced that it's releasing a free iPhone game based on the new Volkswagen Polo, which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this week.

The game's called Volkswagen Polo Challenge, and is due to go live on the App Store in the middle of this month.

It'll offer eight tracks to race your VW Polo on, with detailed 3D visuals and a steadily increasing difficulty. The publisher is promising realistic driving physics and accelerometer-based steering.

Meanwhile, German band Feinkost are supplying the soundtrack. No, us neither.

Of course, Volkswagen aren't just being generous by giving the game away for free. It's all to sell cars, so a separate feature will let you find your nearest VW dealer on a Google Map and book a test-drive.

"VW has really touched the zeitgeist with the 3D racing game for the new Polo," says Fishlabs boss Michael Schade.

"Everyone is talking about the iPhone and iPod Touch and games are by far the most popular application for these groundbreaking platforms. With the help of our large fan community of umpteen million mobile gamers, the new VW Polo will spread like wildfire."

Volkswagen Polo Challenge will have competition, though. iPhone already has Audi A4 Driving Challenge, while BMW has commissioned an iPhone advergame called BMW Z4 - An Expression of Joy.