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What's a Yellow Sign and how to use it in Vampire Survivors?

What's a Yellow Sign and how to use it in Vampire Survivors?
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When I first started Vampire Survivors, I figured it was going to cover general supernatural lore. I actually thought it was kind of strange how few vampires are in it with the most prominent appearing to be playable characters (some of which are fought as enemies). It becomes obvious the game incorporates supernatural lore from a variety of sources, including folklore from different cultures. What I also realised is that the Lovecraft mythos also made its way into the lore, not only in some of the monsters but also with a specific reference to the collection of short stories called The King in Yellow.

These stories have a central point in the entity bearing the same name. It is said to be the most well-known incarnation of the Lovecraft deity, Hastur the Unspeakable. Appearing as an amorphous creature with tons of tentacles, it is one of the more enigmatic entities with followers identifying each other through a certain symbol. It is called the Yellow Sign, which is made of a trio of question marks. The slogan among its followers is the question, "Have you seen the Yellow Sign?" And lo and behold, you can see it for yourself in Vampire Survivors.

What is the Yellow Sign?

In the context of Vampire Survivors, the Yellow Sign is a collectible item found in a secret area. The icon makes it look like a blurry square with a dull pink hue and black shading making it formless. It's not only one of the most mysterious items in the game but it is also essential to completing and unlocking other aspects. It's a passive power-up that I actually discovered by accident, but finding it is not as cryptic as the object itself. Just try not to be caught off-guard by all the distortion surrounding it.

Finding and Using the Yellow Sign

To get the Yellow Sign, you need to get to the Holy Forbidden. This is a secret area that is unlocked from Moongolow, another special stage you will need to unlock. First, you need to unlock Hyper Mode for four different stages. This can be done by surviving: most stages will throw a large boss-like variant at you around the 25-minute mark. Once you beat them, you'll unlock Hyper Mode for that particular stage.

After you've unlocked four Hyper Mode stages, Moongolow will unlock. This is a tiled stage with the Merchant and some new enemies. Be prepared since some of them, such as crabs, can absorb quite a lot of damage.

Enter Moongolow with a non-secret character and make it to the 15-minute mark. An angel-like boss enemy will appear at this time, which you'll have to defeat.

Once you do, you'll be automatically transported to the Holy Forbidden. Despite how strange the stage looks, all you have to do is follow the corridor. At the end will be a Rosary to collect which will cause the Yellow Sign to appear ahead of you. Collect it and you'll leave the stage.

The Yellow Sign is a passive upgrade that reveals all hidden items across all stages. It's automatically equipped upon pickup with the hidden items appearing as icons on the map. If you're eager to try some similar titles, we have a list of games like Vampire Survivors, but if you decide to try to find and unlock more secrets and characters, you can start by unlocking Scorej-Oni!

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