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Where to find each Coffin in Vampire Survivors

Thank you hero, but the vampire is in another coffin.

Where to find each Coffin in Vampire Survivors

Even though one of the main features of Vampire Survivors is simplicity of gameplay, the game includes some pretty complex systems that require additional explanation. One such system is Coffins. Many beginners in Vampire Survivors struggle to find and unlock all of the coffins.

By reading this guide, you will find out where to find each coffin in Vampire Survivors. The guide is straightforward and does not include specific terms, making it suitable for every Vampire Survivors player.


Before discovering where you can find each coffin, it would be best to learn how to unlock them. The only way to do it is to get the Milky Way Map. It is a unique item that provides you access to the map from the pause menu.

The Milky Way Map can be unlocked after you reach level 40 in the Inlaid Library. Therefore, do not expect to get all Vampire Survivors coffins if you are in the early game stages. If you have already reached level 40, continue reading the guide to discover the specific location for each coffin.

Mad Forest Coffin

Once you are at Mad Forest, open the Milky Way Map and find the question mark icon in the top right corner. This question mark shows the Coffin’s location. Approach it and kill all the flying skeletons, then open the Coffin. You will unlock Pugnala Provola by doing so.

Inlaid Library Coffin

Finding Inlaid Library Coffin sounds way easier than it actually is. Once you land on the map, keep going east until you find the coffin. Some players have spent over 20 minutes going east without ever finding the coffin, so it's a tad easier said than done. After you find the coffin, open it to unlock Giovanna Grana.

Gallo Tower Coffin

First, open the map, find the question mark, and head to it. Oddly enough, once you approach, you won't find any coffin here. So, you need to go up the tower near the question mark until you see the floor with a mirror. After that, enter this mirror to appear in the secret room. Be sure to kill all enemies here and open Gallo Tower Coffin to rescue Concetta.

Cappella Magna Coffin

Like any other coffin, you should open the map to find the particular question mark. Then, you should approach this mark to find a coffin with a group of enemies next to it. Before opening the coffin, you should take down all the enemies. It might take some time, but Zi’Assunta Belpaese is worth your efforts.

Mt. Moonspell Coffin

Like in every location in Vampire Survivors, there are no X and Y coordinates to find Mt. Moonspell. The only option is to open the Milky Way Map and find the question mark at the right corner of the screen. Then, you should enter the Torii Gate and keep making your way. You will find Mt. Moonspell Coffin within a few minutes. Be sure to defeat all enemies and open the coffin to rescue Miong Moonspell.

Dairy Plant Coffin

Dairy Plant is the first coffin added to Vampire Survivors, and finding it is slightly different from finding other coffins. Open the Milky Way Map at the Dairy Plant and find the familiar question mark. Follow it until you reach monsters protecting a coffin. After that, kill all the enemies and access Poppea Pecorina, the first coffin character in the game.

That’s it with finding each Coffin in Vampire Survivors. Take into account that opening coffins will not unlock the characters. After doing so, you should head to the main menu and purchase the desired character with gold. If you're uncertain which character to go after, take a look at the Vampire Survivors tier list as we have ranked all of them from the best to worst. It will certainly help you achieve the final fireworks in Vampire Survivors!