Three new Clash games from Supercell are heading for mobile, Clash Mini, Clash Quest and Clash Heroes

Supercell has announced three new games at once!

Three new Clash games from Supercell are heading for mobile, Clash Mini, Clash Quest and Clash Heroes

Supercell has announced three new games today, all of which will be entries into the ever-popular Clash series. They are called Clash Mini, Clash Quest and Clash Heroes. This news was first spotted by our sister site Pocketgamer.biz.

The three new games are said to be entirely different from previous entries in the series. Supercell is also very keen to have player involvement through the development process of these titles, with feedback being of the utmost importance to them. They also mentioned in the blog post discussing them that they will happily kill the development and move on to something else if they don't meet the Clash standards.

Clash Mini

Clash Mini looks to be Supercell's entry into the popular auto chess and sports a cutesy aesthetic compared to usual Clash fare. It follows the usual setup of placing troops in strategic positions before watching them battle it out with the opposing player.

The adorable art style is an indicator of how deep Clash Mini might be, with the developers saying that they want it to be a casual strategy game that's both easy and accessible. This means it may not be as complex as Teamfight Tactics, for example, and could make an excellent entry point into the sub-genre if that's the case.

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Clash Quest

Clash Quest will be a turn-based tactical game with elements of match-3 puzzling. It will see players battling against a series of preset defences or bosses and trying to bring them down. They'll have a limited number of troops to utilise to clear out the enemy stronghold and if their army's number fully depletes, it'll be game over.

To ensure that doesn't happen, they'll need to try and combo together attacks from troops of the same type, which will increase the damage dealt. There will be a bunch of familiar heroes from the Clash series such as barbarians and giants, with each bringing their own attacks and abilities to the game. There are also items with various effects available that will be triggered when certain conditions are met.

Clash Heroes

Finally, Clash Heroes is an action RPG that sees players taking control of recognisable heroes from the series and fighting their way through different levels. Each character will have their own attacks and abilities with different customisation options also available to better suit your play style.

As you might expect, the levels will be bite-sized and will likely only take a few minutes to complete. They can also be tackled with friends through online multiplayer to make use of the different abilities at each hero's disposal.

None of the above games currently have a set release date. However, Supercell has said they are planning to run various betas through the development process. If you'd like to sign up for a chance to be involved in one of them, head on over to the Clash website to register your interest. You can also check out some gameplay footage from all the games in the embedded video above.