Develop2016 - Twisted Lines is a tricky, claustrophobic puzzle game

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Develop2016 - Twisted Lines is a tricky, claustrophobic puzzle game
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If you liked Jonathan Blow's enigmatic island adventure The Witness you'll surely dig Twisted Lines: a tricky puzzle game about twisting lines through a claustrophobic maze - coming soon to iOS.

You start with a square, with two coloured trails. To change the colour of the square you must coil around, and run through your own trail - the direction you take dictates what colour you'll end up as.

That sounds like a relatively simple set up, but the incredibly tight levels make for a deviously difficult game where you have to think through every move and figure out how to squeeze through the maze without running up against a dead end.

And just when you've figured out that, you'll hit brand new challenges like floors you can only pass if you're a certain colour, portals that whisk you about the map, and stages where you control two lines at once.

The game's got a stylish, minimalist design and an adaptive soundtrack that changes as you solve the puzzle.

Twisted Lines will come with over 100 handcrafted puzzles, and more chapters will come in future updates. Expect the game on the App Store sometime in August.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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