Confirmed games for the Nintendo Switch: 1-2 Switch, ARMS, Skyrim, and more

Bring on Treehouse Live

Confirmed games for the Nintendo Switch: 1-2 Switch, ARMS, Skyrim, and more

Though the official game presentation is happing later today at the Treehouse Live livestream, it wouldn't be a presentation without a look at what we can expect in terms of games.

With a whopping 80 games in development by third-party developers, here's a few you can expect to see.

1-2 Switch - coming March 3rd 2017

This is Nintendo's graphics-free motion game which you place facing your opponent rather than facing a screen.

ARMS - coming Spring 2017

ARMS is the Nintendo Switch's crazy motion-controlled boxing game. Built around competitive local multiplayer, ARMS will be a great addition for parties or for proving that you're definitely the greatest out of your friends.

Splatoon 2 - coming Summer 2017

Though the game is pretty much the same we can now get our hands on new weapons, special weapons, and battle stages. Controls-wise, you can use the Joy-Con controllers, using the pro-controller, on the TV screen, and in handheld mode. You can also use the gyro sensors to aim your guns.

Super Mario Odyssey - Holidays 2017

There's not too much information available at the moment, but check out this article.

Dragon Quest 10/11 - TBC Dragon Quest Heroes 1/2 - TBC No More Heroes - TBC Octopath Traveler - TBC

The latest game in the Atlas series, though development has only just begun.

Skyrim - coming 2017

Hardly a shocker but not unwelcome news in any way. Of course, Skyrim is coming to the Switch and we all know we're going to buy it - it's Skyrim for goodness sake!

EA Sports FIFA - coming 2017

It's an ever-competitive and portable version of FIFA...need I say more? More information should be coming later this year.

That's just a few games of what we can expect coming to Switch. Tune in after 14:30 GMT to see what else is coming.

Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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