Undefeated is the first official RPG Maker game ported from PC to mobile

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Undefeated is the first official RPG Maker game ported from PC to mobile
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Aldorlea Games has teamed up with RPG Maker creators Enterbrain and Degica to bring its 16-bit JRPG Undefeated to iOS and Android.

We're told that Undefeated will be the first official mobile port of a game made in RPG Maker.

If you weren't aware, RPG Maker was created in Japan back in 1988, and has since been reiterated upon with new versions regularly released.

The program is still used widely today with hundreds of new games coming out every year that were made with it.

Undefeated is just one of them, and it is quite typical of the kind of game that's made with RPG Maker.

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By that, I refer to its 16-bit graphics and traditional JRPG design. So, yep, it has strategic turn-based battles, a main quest to follow, and 16 side quests to complete, too.

It should take you over 30 hours to complete, especially if you decide to try to hunt down the 25 secret rooms.

You'll be following Marcus, Bastien and Fela as they fight in the army to beat back the spread of poison spreading through the land.

Of course, there's a greater mystery behind this plot that you'll be dragged into. At least there's some self-referential humour to distract you from all the gloom, I suppose.

Undefeated is already available on PC. It will be coming to iOS and Android on October 3rd. More information about it is available on its website.