Undecember’s UN-boxing saw over 300,000 participants testing the game

Undecember’s UN-boxing saw over 300,000 participants testing the game

The first ‘UN-boxing’ test, which was the closed beta test for LINE Games and Need Games’ Undecember has successfully completed. It took place last week, between October 13th and October 19th where it was tested on both mobile and PC.

The closed beta test saw a massive response with over 300,000 pre-registered players participating. And it wasn’t just players from South Korea. Gamers from everywhere, including Asia and Europe joined in and helped test out the RPG.

Undecember is a hack and slash RPG, where 12 beings from the void arose to create a land called Traum. They lived amongst their descendants and life was peaceful. The beings received the status of gods and the descendants worshipped them. But all that changed when the 13th God, Serpens revealed himself as the evil god.

To fight back, the 12 gods shared their powers with the descendants but they still failed to beat Serpens. As a final measure, the gods combined and returned to the void, taking Serpens along with them. But this didn’t exactly work out too well.Serpens’ soul was split in two while the 12 gods lost everything, including their names and fell into an eternal slumber.

The descendants still had the powers that the gods infused in them. They used these to increase their knowledge and were eventually led to the Zodiacs that would reawaken the beings of the past. Without haste, they began trying to bring back their gods, not realising that Serpens was among these deities, and bringing them back would see him return too.

It’s an interesting story that will definitely keep players hooked. In the UN-boxing, participants could experience Episode 1 and its five acts and the multiplayer modes Crusade of Glory and Boss Raid.

All feedback collected during the CBT will be used by the Line Games and Need Games to create the perfect game at launch. Check out all details about Undecember on its official website!

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