Killing zombies is your goal in new iOS game Undead Soccer

Shooting onto the App Store this Thursday

Killing zombies is your goal in new iOS game Undead Soccer
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If you thought shotguns and chainsaws were your only lines of defence against the zombie apocalypse, then you clearly haven't seen free-to-play zombie kick-'em-up Undead Soccer in action.

Emerging from the changing room after being sent off for a particularly violent foul - a 'dead' card offence, perhaps? - our hero discovers that everyone on the pitch has become a flesh-eating zombie.

With nothing to defend himself with bar his trusty right foot and a seemingly endless supply of footballs, this striker survivor must repel the advancing waves of the undead by hoofing pig bladders at their rotten faces.

Offside ghoul

Judging by the game's trailer (posted below), CGMatic Studio's Undead Soccer employs a flick mechanic to let you send balls flying.

You can also charge the balls with "super powers". In the video below, both the sizzling electricity and chilling ice powers-up are shown off, for example.

Undead Soccer promises a variety of balls styles, seven different environments, a host of shambling enemies, and even some oversized bosses to tackle.

You can intercept Undead Soccer on the App Store this Thursday. As mentioned earlier, it will be available for free.

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