Disney creates Ultimate Band on DS

Become a stylus-wielding rock, alternative, indie, emo or pop legend

Disney creates Ultimate Band on DS
| Ultimate Band

Tired of the endless procession of 'manupop' in the charts? Do you long for the days of real music from real bands?

Tough, you'll never have that again. But don't sit at home sulking in a darkened room with your stereo turned up to 11 and instead focus your attention on Disney's latest announcement. Ultimate Band promises to make it possible for DS owners to jam rhythm-action style to current and classic songs using the drums, and lead, bass or rhythm guitars.

Disney claims to be working with some of the biggest names in rock, emo, alternative, indie rock, and pop to bring together a play list that should appeal to a wide audience given that it features iconic songs from every decade since the '60s.

For the more creative among you, the game also includes a recording studio function, with the stylus used to lay down tracks for each of the available instruments and then tweaking your chart-topping hit with the mixing effects included.

Other than that, built-in DGamer functionality will "allow players to engage with others in a secure online community via their DS," according to the press release. What's DGamer, you ask? It's Disney's very own online gaming service that tie all of its games together, Xbox Live style. You can read about it here while we wait for a release date announcement for Ultimate Band.