App Army Assemble: Typoman Remastered - "What's the word on this remaster?"

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App Army Assemble: Typoman Remastered - "What's the word on this remaster?"

Typoman Remastered, as the name implies, is a revamped version of the puzzle platformer that first released in 2015. The remastered edition promises improved controls, graphics, camera functionality, and all that good stuff. It also includes a Hint System for those moments where you just want to move on to the next stage. We decided to hand the game over to our App Army to see if they think Typoman stills hold up after all these years.

Here's what they said:

Louis Li

It's a good-looking side-scrolling word-fusing puzzle game. There are a few well-made puzzles but most of them are simple and you’ll probably solve them right away. If you like the look of Limbo and you like scrabble you'll most likely enjoy this game too. It only took me about 5 hours to complete but it does have a satisfactory ending so well worth it.

Mark Abukoff

This is a really good-looking puzzler (and to my mind, platformer) that is not only a challenge as far as reaction and timing sometimes, but also a smart puzzler. How do you use the letters to make it through challenges and past obstacles? There is enough variety to the puzzles and most of them aren’t so challenging as to be frustrating, but absolutely enough to give you a sense of accomplishment when you get past them. And it definitely makes you want to go on to the next. To see what the next challenge is.

And of course, there are hints in case you need a tip. I only did it once or twice. Mostly they aren’t needed but nice to have there. The controls work fine and the music is good. But I loved the graphics- The Typoman that you’re moving through the world, and that world itself is full of interesting details and atmospheric backdrops. I really enjoyed this and can recommend the full purchase so you get the full experience. Kudos.

Michael Purdy

Typoman is an atmospheric puzzle platformer in the vein of Limbo except all objects in the game consist of the letters in the word, including yourself. It actually reminded me of Limbo *a lot* in the first half hour of playing the game. You start out as an "O" that can do little more than roll around the landscape, though eventually, you gain the letter "E" to hop around, the letter "A" that serves as legs to run and jump and the letter "R" which is used to grab objects. Words visually play into the puzzle by way of highlighting where to drop, grab and jump onto platforms. The game is very fun to play, though I was disappointed to discover there is not really any controller support. A PS4 controller will control your movement with the joystick, but nothing else.

Oksana Ryan

I enjoyed this game. It was easy to play with straightforward controls that took no time at all to master. The atmospheric monochrome surroundings give an eerie feeling to the gameplay. The aim of the game is to progress while using letters to help you manoeuvre over, up and under obstacles. There are ‘monsters” to escape which gives urgency to your progression and sections where you have to manipulate letters to make words. The soundtrack was monotonous and I turned it off. As a fan of puzzles of all kinds, I really liked this game and although I haven’t managed to finish it yet, it’s definitely on my list to return to soon.

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Armaan Modi

Typoman Remastered is a puzzle platformer that requires the player to move the character further by solving different kinds of puzzles involving English letters, which are a part of the game's scary scenery. The puzzles are not always easy to solve, so it can take a few hours to finish the game. The puzzles can sometimes get quite difficult, which is where the remastered version comes with improvements in the way hints are used so that the game is less frustrating, especially for non-native English speakers like me who struggled in the previous version of the game on some occasions.

The changes to audio, visuals, performance and balancing make this a good remaster for a successful game on mobile, although the absence of achievements and Cloud Save on Google Play Games and Gamecenter is a massive oversight in 2022, as the game has achievements on Steam. The game can be tried for a few levels and then the rest can be unlocked with a single in-app purchase. The previous version of the Typoman has been delisted from the mobile app stores. Overall the game gets my recommendation.

Isaiah Stuart

I played the original mobile version of Typoman back when that was out, and while I liked the visuals and gameplay a lot, the controls and reliability were issues that really killed the game. I couldn't trust the controls to respond properly in the more tricky platforming sequences, and the game would crash at random. In addition, I had the free version, so every time I died I had to either watch an ad or lose a ton of progress. My finicky connection being what it was, I was often forced to take the second option. I deleted the game out of frustration, and remember thinking of it as a massive wasted opportunity.

This version fixes (as far as I can tell) everything. The controls are more responsive and the game runs reliably. The graphics have also supposedly been revamped though, in all honesty, I can't tell. It's fine anyway. The game has always looked great. The puzzles remain as interesting and clever as ever, and the sound design is on point. Having a premium version is obviously a huge bonus too.

Overall I have nothing negative to say. While it took a bit to show up, Typoman remastered is absolutely worth its asking price.

Jojó Reis

Typoman is undoubtedly an amazing game, it follows the mechanics of the big game called Limbo, really you'll notice it right in the first few minutes. But the fact that he picked up the mechanics of another game doesn't make him a bad game, on the contrary. Typoman is amazing in every aspect, from his simplistic yet enjoyable visuals to his super smooth gameplay.

The game is addictive and ends phase you will be more involved in the game and want to know what will happen next, the game has several puzzles and challenges that will make you stop to think about how to get through that part. If I were to rate this game I would give it 10, simply amazing, congratulations to the developers

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