Twin Kingdom Valley on your phone

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Twin Kingdom Valley on your phone

Strap on your helmets, kids, we're going for a history lesson. Twin Kingdom Valley was a text adventure game (erm, with pictures) in the days when, well, text adventures were all the rage.

You know, 'Go north', 'Hit dragon, 'Use key', 'Die randomly'... That kind of thing.

Twin Kingdom Valley was one of the more groundbreaking examples, featuring proper non-playing characters to interact with, and weapons to pick up (and drop) to use in battles.

Anyway, the game is now getting a mobile version, courtesy of Silicon Magic, in partnership with the original designer Trevor Hall. It'll have over 200 locations, wandering monsters, over 30 NPCs, all manner of puzzles to solve, and most importantly, it'll use a predictive text system.

The game's due out soon, and we have a texty guru working on the review as we speak. Click 'Track It!' to be sent directions when we publish his words.