Triple Fantasy is collaborating with Brave Nine for the third crossover event before the year ends

Triple Fantasy is collaborating with Brave Nine for the third crossover event before the year ends
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Neowiz’s tactical card RPG, Triple Fantasy seems to love teaming up with a sister game from the same publisher, Brave Nine, as the two are engaging in yet another collaboration event. The Six Devils and Dominus Octo events from the past were extremely well received and, as a result, the two strategy games have decided to join hands for a third time to close out this year.

The collaboration event will remain live until December 29th, giving Triple Fantasy players a chance to win the seven random Personaz cards and their exclusive title from Brave Nine. Each of these cards brings something unique to the table, offering players varied ways of changing up gameplay and improving performance. Throughout the event, players can earn these Personaz cards and their titles while also racking up on XP.

When a Personaz card is obtained, the title containing the associated nickname will also be earned. Here’s a list of the seven available cards:

  • Scrime – Chains of Frenzy
  • Babariba – Golden Chain
  • Uribel – Chains of Zealotry
  • Ledakrad – Chains of Emptiness
  • Lincross – Chains of Loss
  • Slain – Chains of Treason
  • Sillion – Chains of Bitter Cold

These limited-edition Legend cards will be part of the summon pool and Neowiz has put quite an intricate system in place to ensure players receive the cards. There is a 100% chance of obtaining a Legend card after a maximum of 90 summons. Once it is obtained, these newly added Pick-Up cards will have a 50% chance of being won.

Now if that doesn’t work out, then the third draw will guarantee a Legend card. Additionally, if players happen to summon an already owned card thrice in a row, a following summons will grant them a character they do not have yet. This system sounds complex but makes it simpler to get all the newly added cards.

Participate in this third crossover by downloading Triple Fantasy now for free.

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